Four Benefits of Mandala Coloring

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You maybe wondering about the hype around art therapy in the form of coloring books. You can safely blame stress for this phenomenon.

The age of digitalization brings many benefits like connectivity and convenience, but the 24/7 exposure to information also results in stress and anxiety. As we get used to getting what we want at a touch of a button, we become more pressured to work at an even faster pace than ever before. The American Institute of Stress says 44% of Americans feel more stressed than they did 5 years ago.   

This is why Mandala coloring books as a form of art therapy have gained great recognition recently. It has become popular for its stress-relieving benefits. Adult coloring books with mandala themes are now filling up shelves together with art therapy supplies and are being snapped up by many professionals.

What can one really get out of mandala coloring? Here are some benefits of this awesome art therapy activity.

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  • Creativity in an instant

  • Let’s admit it: not everyone is an artist. Not all can express themselves fully on a blank canvas at a drop of a hat. With mandala coloring books, those who are not as artistically inclined can enjoy the process without exerting extra effort to learn the art of coloring.

    Choosing color combinations also helps someone embrace their inner creative child in an instant without fear of mistakes or judgments. This then opens up the person to be more open and imaginative in the process. That is why mandala coloring books is a great addition to any brainstorming or shared activity for corporate team buildings as these help foster camaraderie in an enjoyable manner.

  • Mandala coloring Relaxes The Brain

  • When it comes to stress and anxiety relief, nothing beats art therapy as a way of making people at ease. Mandala coloring books are known to be part of the programs geared towards those who are in the hospital and undergo painful and long medications and treatments for chronic illnesses as these help them cope and be more positive. Cancer patients and survivors at The University of California at Irvine Center and University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center have access to Mandala coloring workshops.

    Mandala coloring is also a good art therapy for most people who also face stress on a daily basis such as office dwellers and even students or parents.  It’s also a soothing activity for those who suffer from post-traumatic disorders such as military personnel and other victims of abuse and extreme trauma.

  • Mandala Coloring Provides a Non-Harmful Outlet for Stress

  • Some bad habits like smoking or overeating form when stressed people turn to these for relief. Mandala coloring prevents you from succumbing to these health-damaging activities because it provides you with a creative way to let go of stress. It is a mindfulness exercise, which takes away your focus from things that bring you stress.
    It is a form of meditation that can help you reduce cravings due to anxiety or stress.

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    Mandala Coloring Improves Focus

    Focusing can be difficult for a tired person who feels overwhelmed with life’s responsibilities. Mandala coloring not only helps the person relax, it also helps the person improve focus. It’s a calming art therapy that helps you focus on the moment. As you color within the lines and pay attention to repetitive patterns, you also develop focus.

    A Yahoo! article written by Katie Couric says that psychologists have noted how the act of coloring, particularly staying within the lines, helps ease stress and improve focus.

    Adult coloring books may have different themes such as gardens, intricately designed animal creatures with well-defined features, abstract art, and architecture, but the famous mandalas have started it all. These designs are placed in professionally bound books with tearing options should the colorist decide to frame his or her work.

    Whether you are just looking for a creative activity to kill time or a stress reliever to help you release tension and anxiety, mandala coloring can help you.

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